Why are Bodysex Workshops held in the Nude?

My Asheville and online Bodysex® circles are coming soon. That means our clothes are coming off!

Yep, Bodysex circles are done in the nude!

The Bodysex circle is a sacred space co-created by you. When you arrive for my two-afternoon weekend workshops, I will greet you naked. You will undress and join the circle. I will lead you through a variety of rituals in a welcoming, nonjudgmental space.

What happens in a Bodysex workshop?

We will share how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms. I will teach about the anatomy of the vulva. We will have a time of genital show and tell, which allows us to release genital shame and replace it with pride. There is no unattractive vulva in the world. They are all beautiful and unique. I will demonstrate the rock n’ roll, Betty Dodson’s signature masturbation technique that combines vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, pelvic floor and hip movement, and breath. We will share in erotic recess, where we will experience self pleasure without judgment or expectations. This does not involve touching each other. Next, nurturing, non-sexual group massage is a sacred space for touch without sexuality or the need to perform, only receive in sisterhood. Finally, we will have a closing circle to reflect on our weekend.

So why in the world are Bodysex workshops held in the nude?

Bodysex empowers women to feel radical love and acceptance toward themselves as others. We share a space in which we instinctively see our collective and individual beauty. Body shame is replaced with hope. Nude workshops foster community and sisterhood. When we are stripped to our essence, we are no longer our titles, our clothes, or our jewelry.

The circle of women is ancient. It goes back to the tribes of our ancestors. This is also the future, because we are co-creating a different way.

Let’s forge a new path together as women! Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation. Love, Calli

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