Everything you want and need to know about Bodysex and working with me.

Tell Me…

What is Bodysex?

Bodysex® is a practice designed by Betty Dodson® that supports women to connect to their bodies and orgasm to heal shame, enhance pleasure, and encourage self-love.

Who was Betty Dodson?

The creator of Bodysex, Betty Dodson, was sometimes called the “mother of masturbation.” Dodson worked with thousands of women from the 1970s to her death at age 91 in 2020. In one Bodysex study of 500 women who couldn’t previously orgasm, 93% left their sessions able to climax.

Why do we look at our own and each other’s genitals?

The reason we participate in genital show and tell in Bodysex circles is so that we can learn more about how our vulvas function and look. Many women haven’t looked at their own vulvas, and it is even less common to have shown our vulvas to others. We will appreciate our sameness and our differences. This is the most sacred part of our bodies. This helps us increase our orgasmic potential, heal shame, celebrate our bodies, reclaim our “rightness,” and connect us to our sexual selves.

Why include masturbation in a workshop?

Masturbation is the foundation of learning about our orgasms. Masturbating together becomes a celebration and a reclamation of sex not only being okay but being good and part of our sacred birthrights. Breaking this cultural taboo becomes a natural, fun experience. We are learning too. I teach tips and pointers, and this can help many of us rethink patterns and practices we may feel stuck in. If you orgasm, great. If you don’t, that’s great too. We are here to experience pleasure.

What happens in a Bodysex workshop?

The Bodysex circle is a sacred space co-created by you. When you arrive, I will greet you naked. You will undress and join the circle. I will lead you through a variety of rituals in a welcoming, nonjudgmental space. We will share how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms. I will teach about the anatomy of the vulva. We will have a time of genital show and tell, which allows us to release genital shame and replace it with pride. There is no unattractive vulva in the world. They are all beautiful and unique. I will demonstrate the rock n’ roll, Betty Dodson’s signature masturbation technique that combines vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, pelvic floor and hip movement, and breath. We will share in erotic recess, where we will experience self pleasure without judgment or expectations. Next, nurturing, non-sexual group massage is a sacred space for touch without sexuality or the need to perform, only receive in sisterhood. Finally, we will have a closing circle to reflect on our weekend.

Why are workshops done in the nude?

Bodysex workshops empower women to feel radical love and acceptance toward themselves as others. We share a space in which we instinctively see our collective and individual beauty. Body shame is replaced with hope. Nude workshops fosters community and sisterhood.

What kind of women come to Bodysex workshops?

All kinds! Young, old, big, small, and everything in between. As long as you’re 18 and older, you’re welcome at a Bodysex workshop.

Can I come to Bodysex if I have my period or a yeast infection?

Short answer, no problem! If you’re on your period, you can use a tampon or menstrual cup, or free bleed onto your towel if you prefer. If you have a yeast infection, you can take pills or cranberry supplements as desired to treat your infection.

What if I can’t reach orgasm?

If you orgasm, great! If not, that’s fine too. Orgasm is not the goal. Instead, pleasure is the measure. We are here to heal body shame, overcome sexual guilt, and experience sisterhood.

Let’s forge a new path as women.